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If you want a relative or friend of the family get your kid for the day, overnight or departure from the camp, he/ she should submit a police certified authorization as well as his/ her ID Card which is withheld until his/her return!

If case of guardianship or custody to one of the two parents, we should be informed accordingly!

In the camp kids stay with the Counselor who is always followed by the Group, the swimming pool and sea are supervised by graduate Lifeguards, there is a fully equipped clinic and infirmary and an in-house Physician and two Nurses 24 hours a day. Our camp is located far from any residential area, is fenced and there is a 24-hour security.

Our camp features a fully equipped clinic and infirmary and a 24-hour in-house Physician with two Nurses.

The Registration Form you have filled in comprises the corresponding medical questions you should answer to have us informed.

Our medical staff will see to the continuation of any medication followed by your kid.

All drugs kids bring with them should be delivered to our clinic.

Let us know if your kid has some kind of allergy to foodstuffs or any special dietary habits so that our Food Technologist and Kitchen Manager can possibly make an effort to adapt the menu to your kid’s particular needs.

The camp features a call centre and pay phones where the kid can call you. It is not necessary to bring his/ her cell phone to the camp and it is advised not to bring any other electronic devices as well, which may distract the kid from the daily program – in case of emergency we will contact you.

Our camp has an item deposit bank, where any expensive items can be store in case your kid brings such items to the camp, anyway.

The camp is not responsible for the loss of any items not delivered for safekeeping.

Of course cohabitation with friends is an option! On the Welcoming Day the first kid arriving at the camp can state the names of his/ her roommates and immediately reservation is made for the same cabin!

All activities and food are FREE. The camp will never ask any money for the participation of your kid in any activity!

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