Each evening a magical transformation!

What crazy idea struck our entertainers this year?

Each summer, our campers anticipate the transformation of the ELAIONES Summer Camp: a jungle, a circus, an island – our transformations are endless: “Indians and Zulu”, “Acrobats and Magicians”, “Pirates and Mermaids”. Each group of kids is uniquely called until the last day of the camp.

Evening entertainment is divided according to the campers’ gender, age and interests. Under the guidance of animators, kids are starring with dance and songs winning our applause. Preparation for each evening event starts in the morning of the same day. Rehearsals, banners, constructions – excitement is raised.

Campers are eager to listen to the announcement “All campers should gather in the entertainment area according to the program”

Everything is ready! Have fun!

παιδικη κατασκηνωση στη Χαλκιδικη